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How do I fix my Connection Issue?

Unfortunately, there is no generic fix to address every connection issue. There’s a fair amount of detective work you’ll have to do to figure out what might be causing your issue.

The first thing you should do is check our Server Status Page to make sure the game (and your server) are up and available.

The Servers say they are up, but I can’t get in.

Sometimes the servers are up, but locked—that means only Daybreak Games testers can get into the servers to run some tests before we open them up to the public.

We know, this sounds like a pretty simple thing--but it also works for many issues.

It's a quick and easy fix that you can try on your own in just a few minutes.

Run a power cycle on your network.

Even if you know your connection is fine, it doesn't mean there aren't other issues out of your control affecting your gameplay. This can include network outages or routing issues that you won't be able to see, but might affect your connection to our service.

Make sure you provide the results of these tests to customer service if you put in a ticket about the issue.

Run some tests on your connection.

Not all connection issues are the same. Figuring out what kind of issue you have will help you troubleshoot how to resolve it.

Launchpad won't run or complete the download.

You'll want to visit our launchpad troubleshooting article.

I hit play and nothing happens.

You'll want to check your security settings. If you have a firewall, visit our configuration suggestions article.

It's also possible that the game is crashing, so take note of any error messages or odd behavior.

Visit our launchpad troubleshooting article or our knowledge base section on crashing for suggestions.

I'm disconnecting from the server.

Assuming the servers are up, this typically means something is interfering with your connection. Always test your connection right after this happens to check for temporary outages and issues.

This can also be caused by wireless connection types, try a wired connection instead and see if it improves.

See some tips on cleaning up other programs on your computer here.

I'm experiencing high latency.

First, you'll want to see if it's server wide or not. See what other players are saying. Remember, just because 1 or 2 people report the issue, it isn't necessarily server wide--It could be a regional or ISP issue too.

Test your connection right after or as it happens so you can see if there is a network issue.

Disable any other services that might consume too much bandwidth and see if that helps at all

Remember that wireless connections (Satellite, wi-fi, etc.) have an inherently higher ping than wired connections. Only wired connections are directly supported although some troubleshooting steps may help.

VPN connections can also lead to problems as it can add to latency and path length.

Make sure all downloads are disabled while playing to improve ping.