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Account management

Daybreak Games account information can be viewed and changed at the website. From the main page you can access your account information. You can make changes to your account by mousing over Daybreak Games ID in the top right corner and clicking on one of the options explained below:

Account Management

Allows you to view and update your personal information. You can change your password, email address, and zip code. You can view your country and currency used.

Membership Info

Allows you to see your membership status, the next bill date, and cancel the account if needed. More on that can be found HERE

Enhanced Security

This is where you can access the Daybreak Defender, 2 step authentication, or the Daybreak Authenticator.

Enter Activation Code

From this page, you can enter in an activation key to add to your account. Retail game keys, expansion keys, gamecards, or promotion keys can all be added here. Simply choose the gamecard that you are adding. Enter in the key, and click Continue. If you are having problems with your activation code, please visit this article for more information.

Join Newsletter

This option allows you to select what advertising you receive from us in your email.

Buy Daybreak Cash

Here you can add funds and see how much Daybreak Cash you have on your account.  More information on DB Cash can be found HERE


This is for PC accounts only. If you are a PSN or Xbox account holder, click HERE