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Will a pre-paid or gift card work?

Typically yes, but it will require that the card have an address assigned to it.

American Express™ Gift cards, Visa Credit Cards, and others usually do not work with Daybreak Games billing system because the automated system cannot validate the address of the card. However, there are two things that can be done to make it more likely to work with our system.

  1. You will need to contact the Pre-paid Card provider's phone support line (found on the back of the card) and speak with a representative. The representative can add your Name and Billing Address to your card. Then wait at least 2 hours before adding the pre-paid card to our system with your Name and Billing Address.
  2. When you add the Gift Card information, type everything in capital letters and leave the second address line blank; for example:

(DO NOT add what you see below add the information specific to your card.)