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All Access FAQ

What is All Access Membership?

All Access is an all in one recurring Membership that grants you game time for all of the below games for one recurring monthly fee!

  • DC Universe™ Online (PC Version)
  • Everquest®
  • Everquest II
  • Planetside® 2 (PC Version)

Premium benefits in the games above:

  • 10% off of marketplace purchases*
  • 500 Daybreak Cash Reward to claim each month**
  • Special membership promotions and offers throughout the year
  • Click HERE for the individual game benefits.

*10% discount applies only to marketplace purchases made using Daybreak Cash or Real World Currency. Excludes Daybreak Cash top ups, Krono, All Access Membership purchases, and purchases made using certs, gold, or other in-game currencies.

**500 Daybreak Cash Reward must be claimed each month from the Marketplace ingame. You have 30 days from the start of the membership month to claim the cash before it expires. We are unable to retroactively grant the cash once it has expired.

FAQ - All Access Membership.

Does the All Access Membership include the game themselves?

Our base games are Free to Play.  There are additional ingame Expansions or Episodes offered and you must purchase the game software that you wish to play.

How much does All Access Membership Cost?

This can be found here, you can view the benefits as well as the pricing options we offer for our different membership plans. We offer a month-to-month option, as well as 3, 6, or 12 month options if you prefer to purchase in advance. For all of the plans, you will be billed the full amount once you have selected and entered your credit card information. It is recurring until you cancel.

How can I pay for All Access Membership?

You can find more about that here

What if I want to cancel the All Access Membership?

Please note that All Access Membership is recurring, and we do not offer a one-time purchase. If you don’t want to be charged again after your membership ends, you can cancel right after you purchase the membership. Don’t worry – you’ll still be able to use the full month you purchased, it just cancels any future billing.

To cancel your membership, please follow the steps here. Once you cancel, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address on the account. Please make sure that your accounts information is up to date.

What is NOT included in All Access Membership?

Daybreak Games All Access Membership does not include certain services for which Daybreak Games may from time to time charge, such as character name changes or server transfers and Account to Account transfers.  Additionally, you must provide and pay for your own Internet access and all required hardware to play our games.

Are Daybreak Game Cards a valid form of All Access Payment?

YES indeed they are! You can use a game card for 30 days or for DB Cash so please be careful as once the card is used, the card has been redeemed and cannot be changed. Game cards are one time use only, once redeemed on an account they can not be redeemed again!

*SOE Cards are no longer a valid form of payment. They expired October 2015 and are no longer redeemable in our games.

Does an All Access Membership cover multiple Daybreak Games accounts?

No, each account will need to purchase its own Membership. All Access Membership is good for only a single account and you must sign up each account separately.

Can I transfer my All Access time across accounts?

No, All Access Memberships are nontransferable.

How do I get my 500 DB cash each month?

You will need to log into any eligible Daybreak Game to claim your monthly cash. Use the claim button located in the Marketplace/Depot to claim the Daybreak Cash. Once you have claimed it, the Daybreak Cash will be added to your Wallet balance.

Why are you making us log in monthly to claim our grant?

We recognize that this is an added step for you, but we're working hard to make it really easy. We want to encourage players to log in more, play our games more, and spend the Daybreak Cash they have been granted!

How will I know when my 500 DB cash grant is available or if it has been claimed already?

Each game will have a UI feature on the Marketplace screen to inform you when your next 500 Daybreak Cash reward is available or what date your current DB cash will expire. The countdown timer is to the millisecond of when you purchased membership, so even though there is a date, the time might vary. It’s best to try waiting up to one day after your claim date for it to become available, but if you still can’t claim it after that, contact support and we’d be happy to help you!

If I miss a month, can I still claim my DB cash grant?

You have 30 days from the claim date to claim your Daybreak Cash before it expires. Once the claim expires, it cannot be retroactively granted to an account.

Promotional Memberships

These are limited time offers that expire on the date that is noted. Once the promotion ends, Daybreak Games Support does not have the ability to give the account the promotional price. Once it’s expired, it’s gone for good.