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Why was my Credit card declined?

An error while trying to make a purchase can stem from a number of small problems. These are the most common reasons for an error.

Incorrect Country

If the country that you chose when creating your account does not match the currency set for your payment method or where you currently are, you will also get an error message. Please contact Customer Support to have this error corrected

Incorrect CVV2 Security Code

The bank will decline the charge if the CVV2 (from the back of the card) that you entered does not match what they have on file. Please make sure you are typing this 3 or 4 digit number in correctly.

Please be advised that multiple failed attempts for incorrect CVV2 code may result in the bank putting a temporary hold on your card.

A "Do Not Honor" Block on a Credit Card

If your bank does not trust a particular charge or merchant then they will not honor the charge and block the transaction. You will need to contact the customer service phone number for your bank to look into this. This number can be found on the back of the credit card. If you simply ask a bank teller they may not know to look for this type of block and may not be able to remove it.

Once your bank has confirmed that the Do Not Honor block is removed, you'll need to try the purchase again.

Insufficient Funds or Hold On Bank Account

Transactions will be denied if there are not enough funds in the bank, not enough available credit on the credit card, or if the account has been placed on hold for any security reasons. If you just deposited money in your account, please contact the bank to see if this money is available. You may need to wait until the funds are available to sign up for membership.