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Account Security Policy

IMPORTANT: The information below is provided for Daybreak account holders: PlayStation users must contact PlayStation Support for all concerns related to their Sony Entertainment Network account.

As the population of online internet gaming increases, so do issues regarding stolen or compromised accounts, and/or accounts that have been transferred from one player to another in violation of the Terms of Service . This also applies to the amount of issues relating to Accounts that have had their login information “shared” with friends, relatives, and Guild members. These issues (and the time it takes to investigate and attempt to resolve them) hugely detract from the time that Daybreak Games Player Support staff have to provide quality customer service. Accordingly, Daybreak Games must remind all customers that:

1.   Account security is the responsibility of the account owner. This includes password protection, running virus checks, disabling file sharing, or any other means of checking that the owner's account has not been stolen or compromised.

2.   Any and all stolen, compromised, or shared accounts that are reported to Daybreak Games may be *suspended* in order to conduct an investigation and prevent further malicious acts upon the accounts in question.

3.   If a player account has been stolen or compromised, he or she must first recover the account by following the Account Recovery Procedure and then submit a Player Support help-ticket immediately.

4.   Any customer found to be involved in an account theft may have any and all of his/her accounts banned. Prior to taking any action against accounts reported as compromised, Daybreak Games will conduct a thorough review of the accounts and determine the appropriate course of action. Accounts will only face disciplinary action based on information gathered through our investigation and not as a result of external allegations.

Security is of the utmost importance to Daybreak Games.

We want players to have confidence in Daybreak Games and their own account information. Here is a knowledge base article about Keeping your Account Secure .