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How do I fill out a ban appeal?

For those that wish to brave the fates and challenge their ban, here are some important instructions and tips below (read everything and follow the instructions carefully to expedite your appeal):


Before you attempt to appeal your ban keep in mind the following (also see excuses not to use at the bottom...they never work):

  • It doesn't matter if you only cheated once. Cheating is strictly forbidden, don't experiment, or try it even once.  Once is all it takes.
  • Many cheat programs work in multiple games, when a cheat programs is detected that you supposedly used for a different game, it will result in a ban from all Daybreak games. 
  • No details about your ban (including evidence) will be revealed. Hackers would love to have access to this information and therefore we will not disclose it.

PROCESS: You may need to create a new account to put in your ticket.


Important notes about your ban appeal:

  1. It may take several days for a specialist to review and reply to your ticket.
  2. Tickets are answered in the order they are received.
  3. Even if you have already included the form above, you will get an autoreply requesting this information again. Please double check that you have filled out the form and included the requested files. You must reply to the auto response or your ticket will be considered resolved after 72 hours.
  4. If your ticket has closed and you don't see a reponse, then most likely it was waiting for you to either reply or update it with more information. Visit your ticket history (My activities) for more details.
  5. Please don't create duplicate tickets as it will slow down the overall process. If you already have an open ticket, update that one instead.
  6. Remember to be honest in your answers and give as much detail as necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be as honest and detailed as you can in your response as we will be using that information to make final determination as to your account status. For your ban to be appealed we will need detailed information about what could have caused these flags and differentiates your play sessions from the thousands of others.

Some excuses not to use:

  • It was my little brother/cousin/friend/roommate that did it, not me. (Actions are taken against the account, not the individual. You are responsible for what happens on your account at all times.)
  • I wasn't even cheating on THAT account. (If you are only cheating on some of your accounts, you will probably end up getting them all banned.)
  • I only cheat in other games, not this one. (Many cheat programs work in multiple games. Please don't expect us to believe you were just cheating in another game at the same time you were playing ours.)
  • I didn't even play on the day I was banned. (Some bans happen immediately, but not all. Just because you were banned on Friday doesn't mean you were cheating on Friday.)
  • I was only testing the cheat software. (We were also testing our cheat detection software. Both tests were successful.)
  • I only did it because those other guys were cheating and killed me. (They were banned too. They are also ahead of you in the ban appeal queue.)