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How do I troubleshoot latency/ping issues in Z1BR?

Check your connection

First, you'll want to see if it's server wide or not. See what other players are saying.
Remember, just because 1 or 2 people report the issue, it isn't necessarily server wide--It could be a regional or ISP issue too.
Test your connection right after or as it happens so you can see if there is a network issue.
Disable any other services that might consume too much bandwidth and see if that helps at all.

If you are reporting this to Customer Service, please include:

  • Date/Time the issue occurred
  • Game region and connection quality

  • Game mode (Solo/Duo/Fives)
  • Your location (country, region, city, etc.)
  • Your ISP information
  • Screenshot of current ping information in the upper right corner (Turn on enhanced Networking Information by hitting the "N" key)

  • If you are getting “infinite running man”, grab a screenshot of the screen with the loading information in the upper right


Submit a ticket with all of the requested information above.