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Server Merge History

New Combined Server Merged Server (closed) Merge Date
Antonius Bayle Kane Bayle 22-Mar-05
Antonius Bayle Kael Drakkel 30-Jun-05
Antonius Bayle Sebilis 30-Jun-05
Antonius Bayle Venril Sathir 30-Jun-05
Bertoxxulous Tholuxe Paells 28-Apr-05
Bristlebane Solusek Ro 23-Mar-05
Cazic Thule Brell Serilis 7-Apr-05
Drinal Tarew Marr 14-Apr-05
Druzzil Ro Xev 19-May-05
Erollisi Marr Morell Thule 16-May-05
Fennin Ro Torvonnilous 23-May-05
Luclin Veeshan 25-Apr-05
Maelin Starpyre Vazaelle 9-May-05
Player Choice Stormhammer 1-Feb-06
Povar Morden Rasp 11-Apr-05
Prexus Terris Thule 26-May-05
Quellious Rodcet Nife 12-May-05
Saryrn Mithaniel Marr 18-Apr-05
The Combine The Sleeper 21-Mar-07
The Nameless Innoruuk 2-May-05
The Rathe Karana 18-Apr-05
The Seventh Hammer Lanys T'Vyl 11-Apr-05
The Tribunal Ayonae Ro 21-Apr-05
Tunare E'ci 31-May-05
Xegony Zebuxoruk 5-May-05
Zek Rallos Zek 8-Feb-05
Zek Tallon Zek 8-Feb-05
Zek Sullon Zek 8-Feb-05
Zek Vallon Zek 8-Feb-05
The Combine Druzzil Ro 4-Mar-09
Bertoxxulous Saryrn 22-Jun-10
Bristlebane The Tribunal 22-Jun-10
Cazic-Thule Fennin Ro 22-Jun-10
Drinal Maelin Starpyre 22-Jun-10
Erollisi Marr The Nameless 22-Jun-10
Luclin Stromm 22-Jun-10
Povar Quellious 22-Jun-10
The Rathe Prexus 22-Jun-10
Tunare The Seventh Hammer 22-Jun-10
Xegony Druzzil Ro 22-Jun-10
Tunare Mayong 9-Sep-10
Fippy Darkpaw Vulak`Aerr 18-Oct-17
Ragefire Lockjaw 20-May-20
Vox Trakanon 20-May-20
Vox Fippy Darkpaw 20-May-20
Firiona Vie Brekt 20-May-20