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Veteran Rewards



Veteran Rewards are items you can claim to your character based on when your Daybreak Account first logged EQ2.  You can see your "Account Age" on the Character (C) Miscellaneous Tab.  Each Veteran Reward can be claimed once per character (no limit) apart from the 11 year Veteran Reward, which can only be claimed once per account.

To redeem your Veteran Rewards type /claim in game and select from the menu. Red text below the description of the item will let you know if the character has already claimed the item.

To examine the contents of the /claim, right click on the icon on the left hand side. This will bring up a menu to examine each item in the claim package.


1 Day 

  • Bag of Endless Adventure -12 slot bag

1 Week 

  • 6 Drink of the Wise   -  Increases Combat XP Gain by 55% for 30 minutes

1 Month 

  • 3 Field Repair Kits  -   Fully repairs armor equipped, in your inventory and overflow slots
  • 3 Wand of Forgiveness  -   Removes experience debt
  • Weapon Rack  -   Decorative house item

3 Months     

  • Basic Firework   -  Launches a firework
  • Reforming Stone  -   Allows user a one time option to reselect their training, tradition and trait choices
  • Your Future Tombstone   -  Decorative house item

6 Months 

  • 6 Draught of the Wise  -   Increases Combat XP Gain by 77% for 45 min

1 Year   

  •  6 Draft of the Wise     Increases Combat XP Gain my 110% for one hour
  •  Title: The Loyal     Suffix for your Persona

18 Months  

  •  Fancy Firework  -   Launches a firework
  • Pirate Flag  -   Decorative house item

2 Year 

  • 6 Draft of the Wise   -  Increases Combat XP Gain my 110% for one hour
  • Title: The Dedicated   -  Suffix for your Persona
  • Magic Makeover Mirror     Allows you to change your characters appearance

3 Year 

  • An Ancestral Scroll  -   Grants a EQOA or EQ1 Server Title
  • 6 Draft of the Wise   -  Increases Combat XP Gain my 110% for one hour
  •  Veteran's Display Case  -   40 Slot Display Case which reduces Broker Commission by 50%
  •  Title: The Distinguished   -  Suffix for your Persona

4 Year  

  • 6 Draft of the Wise   -  Increases Combat XP Gain my 110% for one hour
  •  Mystic Moppet Billy  -   Shapechanges caster into a Form of a mystic moppet.  Shrinks caster by 40%
  • Title: The Zealous   -  Suffix for your Persona
  • Treasure Horde  -   Reduces the coin upkeep of your home by 25% when placed within it.

5 Year 

  • Pixie on a String - A  Pixie pet
  • 5- Year Firework - Launches a firework
  • 6 Draft of the Sage -  Increases Combat XP Gain by 110% for 2 hours
  • Orb of Concentrated Memories -  Orb that fills your adventure vitality.

6 Year 

  • Hammer of Adept Hands - Fills your tradeskill vitality completely when used.
  • Call of the Veteran - Summons a mysterious orb that will allow the user to summon or teleport to a group member anywhere in Norrath
  • Fate Accessory Bag - Appearance Armor
  • 3 Wand of Forgiveness - Removes Experience Debt

7 Year

  • Mistmoore Crag Estate

8 Year

  • Veteran Revival - Revives the targeted group with 20% health and power
  • Vision of the Thullosian - The user's eyes emit an eerie glow.
  • Veteran's Elemental Mount -  Select One:  Elemental Disc of Air, Elemental Disc of Earth, Elemental Disc of Flame, Elemental Disc of Water
  • 6 Draft of the Wise Increases XP gain by 110% for one hour

9 Year

  • Gnom-o-matic Equipment Unattuner (7)
  • Field Repair Kit (3)
  • Scroll of Resurrection (3)
  • Health Potion (3)
  • Power Potion (3)
  • Expanded Veteran's Display Case

10 Year

  • Mercenary:  Lady Liae (Paladin)  and Lord Valkiss (Shadowknight) can be hired from the Qeynos or Freeport mercenary dens.   Requires account Feature: Mercenaries (or AoD feature pack)

11 Year (*one per account)

  • Isle of Refuge Prestige Home
  • Population Pack

12 Year

  • 365 Loyalty Tokens