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Marketplace: Transmogrification Scroll




Clicking on this scroll will allow you to change your race and /or deity to one of the allowed races/deities for your class, based on which races are allowed to play that class and are unlocked on your account.

Before You Buy

If you're considering a race change, you should be aware of the following before purchasing your scroll:

  • One scroll grants one change.
  • Once completed the change is permanent.
  • All current quests will be removed from your journal. If you have quests you wish to complete before changing your character's race, you can simply close the window and re-open it using the /racechange command at a time that is more convenient for you.
  • All race/deity specific spells or abilities will be lost.
  • Your character's bind point will be set to the Plane of Knowledge. It should also be noted, that using a transmogrification scroll will not clear your current factions, nor will it allow you to set your character's base starting stats (these will be set to the default for your new race/class/deity), however, your new race/deity will alter the way certain NPCs perceive you. In such cases some faction work may be required in order to renew old alliances or to form new ones.
  • Race/deity specific armor will not be exchanged for armor of the character's new race/deity, either in-game or by GMs.
  • You do not get to choose stat allocation 

Please remember that GMs will not exchange any race-specific spells, items or armor, nor will they reassign any quests which have been wiped as a result of this process. 

To use your race change whenever you're ready, you can simply click your scroll to open the window (or if you already clicked your scroll but closed the window without changing your race, you can re-open this window by typing /racechange), then click on the new race you'd like and select the Deity and Starting city you'd like, and click the "Submit Race" button in the lower right corner.

If you're changing to Drakkin, you will receive an additional pop up after clicking "Submit Race", to allow you to select your character's new heritage. Be aware that a Drakkin's heritage determines the color of it's hair and tattoos, as well as which dragon it's descended from, which will determine which breath weapon your character can acquire.


I closed the race change window before selecting my new race. How can I re-open it?

  • You can open this window anytime by using the command, /racechange. Please note, however, that this window can be opened anytime, regardless of whether or not a character is actually eligible for a race change.

I changed my character's race (or deity) and now I can't use my old racial armor. Is there some way to exchange it?

  • No. You will need to acquire new armor to replace any old racial armor pieces.

The inhabitants of my new starting city hate me. How can I fix my faction?

  • A charming personality and a winning smile will only get you so far. If you really wish to earn the trust of your new kinsmen, you'll need to either impress them by slaying their enemies or run quests to improve your faction with them.

I changed my character to a Drakkin, however, I can't choose the color I wanted.

  • You may have selected the wrong heritage. If you are currently a Drakkin you cannot simply change your heritage. You will need to change to a different race, purchase a second Transmorgrification Scroll, and then choose Drakkin and select your new heritage.