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EQ Perks FAQs


EQ Perks FAQs 

  1. What are Perks?
    • Perks are a new way to add special features to your All-Access Membership. They are divided into three categories: Adventurer, Challenger, and Merchant. You can choose any combination of the three perks to add-on to your playing experience.  
  2. How do I use them?
    • You need to have an active All-Access Membership in order to add the perks of your choosing. First, select the length of membership you would like, then the combination of perks, and then play! Your account will automatically be updated with these new features so you can start the experience in-game immediately! 
  3. Do I need an All-Access Membership to use the Perks? 
    • Yes, you need to have an All-Access Membership to enjoy the Perks. All you need to do is select the length of membership you would like (1, 3, 6, or 12 months), and then you can choose any combination of the new Perks to accompany your gameplay! 
  4. What happens if I already have an All-Access membership and want to get Perks?
    • You can simply log on to your Daybreak account online and choose the Perks you would like to add to your membership. Choose one, two, or all three, and then enjoy! You can access that link here.
  5. Do the Perks end when my All-Access membership ends? 
    • Yes, the Perks are only active while your All-Access Membership is active. You can renew your membership to keep enjoying your Perks! 
  6. What if I want to add Perks in the middle of my membership period?
    • If there are X days of All-Access Membership left on your account, you will only pay for those X days of the perks you choose at a cost of X*(Perk Cost/30). Once your billing cycle date is reached, you will pay for your chosen recurring All-Access Membership, plus the chosen perks for the entire period corresponding to your membership duration. 
  7. Do the Perks start immediately, or at the next billing cycle of my All-Access Membership? 
    • Perks start immediately when you select them. For example, if you have 10 days left until your next billing cycle, and you decide to get a Perk, you will pay a discounted amount so you can still enjoy your Perks without having to wait. 
  8. What if I want to switch my Perk?
    • If you want to switch your Perks, you will be able to immediately enjoy your new selection after your purchase while your original Perks will expire at the billing date, no refunds will be given on the original Perks. If purchased outside of your billing date, you will only pay the remaining amount until that date.  
  9. What if I want to add another Perk?
    • You will be able to pick the additional perk of your choosing and you will only pay the amount based on the days left until your billing cycle. Once completed, you now will have access to all the Perks you have chosen and will have access to it for your chosen amount of time.  
  10. What if I want to cancel one or more of my Perks?
    • You will be able to cancel any number of your Perks, but they will not be refunded for the remaining time in your billing cycle. Once the cycle completes, the Perk will lapse and not continue. 
  11. How do I purchase Perks if I have a Lifetime Membership?
    • If you have a Lifetime Membership, you will need to have logged into EverQuest at least once on the account to see the Perks availability. From there, you will be able to get perks on a monthly basis, not 3, 6 or 12 months. The same models will apply as shown above for adding a perk when it does not align with your billing cycle, as well as canceling or switching a Perk.
      • Please Note: There was an issue where some EverQuest Lifetime players who purchased EverQuest Perks were not rebilled, causing their Perks to stop instead of renewing on the renewal date. If you were affected, please re-purchase your chosen Perks to restart billing and continue enjoying EverQuest Perks.
  12. Can I use Perks when I've used a Krono for Membership?*
    • Yes, you may use a Krono to activate an All-Access Membership to purchase Perks. In order to purchase your chosen Perks, you will need to have some Krono time still active on your account. Once you have purchased a Perk, you will be able to add other Perks. However, you will not be able to refund any purchased Perks. Note if you consume another Krono after purchasing a Perk, the Perk will only last for the days that you purchased.
      • Please Note: Perks are currently unable to be purchased if a recurring All Access Membership plan is extended by using a Krono. However, once the Krono time ends and the membership plan recurs, you are expected to be able to purchase Perks again without issue. We hope to have this resolved in the future and kindly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.
  13. Will you be able to use the Perks on Time Locked Progression servers?
    • Yes, however some portions of the Perks will not be available until the appropriate expansion that the feature is tied to has unlocked.
  14. Will I be able to purchase Perks if I have a grandfathered 24 month membership plan?
    • EverQuest Perks are not compatible with older 24 month recurring memberships. Players with this type of plan will need to re-subscribe to a newer plan to enjoy EverQuest Perks.