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What are the common/top issues in H1Z1?


How do I report a cheater and/or toxic behavior?
Send an email to Remember to include the name of the character, the region, and a quick description of what happened. Links to video clips can be very handy for our investigators.

Also see: How do I report Fairplay Violations in H1Z1?

Similarly, you can report toxic behavior to

Also see: How do I report Toxic Behavior in H1Z1?

How can I provide feedback and comment on the direction or future of the game?
You can do all of this and find out the latest and greatest about H1Z1 at the official forums.

How do I report bugs, glitches, issues?
Report issues to the bug reports section of the official forums.


Top Issues

Missing Purchases

If you've made a purchase and didn't receive it in-game, please try the following:

  1. Close the H1Z1 application on your PS4
  2. Restart the PS4
  3. Wait at least 15-20 minutes before logging back into your PSN account/H1Z1

Should your purchase still be missing in-game after following the above instructions, please submit a ticket and make sure to attach a copy of the receipt (that was e-mailed to you from the PSN Store) of the purchase that is missing.

Leaderboard Stats Missing/Resetting?

Please send in a report to bug reports section of the official forums with the following information:

  • PSN Username
  • Region
  • Time Occurred
  • Additional Notes (Was it a specific game mode or all modes?)

The development team is working on addressing this issue and any examples will help us with resolving the matter as soon as possible!



Why is an account banned?
Accounts are banned for many reasons and always related to some other violation of terms of service. Want to know why?