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How do I ignore/mute a player in DCUO?

Text Chat

If you don’t want to see messages from another player all you need to do is type /ignore and the name of the player you wish to ignore. If you want to ignore Super Man, you just type /ignore “Super Man.” You can check on players that you have ignored by opening your Social menu (F4 on the PC) and finding your Ignored list.

Voice Chat

If you no longer wish to listen to another player in voice chat, all you need to do is open the Social menu (F4 on PC) and open Recent Voice. You can then select the character in question to open a new set of options, including “add to ignore.” After selecting this option you will no longer hear voice chat from this character.

Ignored List

In your Ignored list you can see all of the players that you have ignored on your character. If you want to give someone a second chance, simply select their character name and choose “Remove from Ignored list.” Don’t worry, you can always ignore them again if you change your mind.

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