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How do I report toxic behavior in EverQuest?

To report a violation of our Rules of Conduct, please use the /report <playername> feature to capture any chat that proves any violations against our policies and/or harassment as it is happening. Additionally, we also request that players use the /ignore <playername> feature to put the offending player on ignore.

The report command only captures up to 20 lines of visible chat, so you may need to scroll up so that it is visible in your report. Be sure that you're executing the command in the chat window in which the chat is visible.

We do not directly receive the reports so it is important to both /report and submit a support ticket to let us know about the situation. The more quickly you /report and submit a ticket, the higher chance we have of catching the offenders in action in-game.

With the continued efforts of the player base reporting such violators, the better chance we have of catching them and employing disciplinary action where needed.

EverQuest Rules of Conduct

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