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How do I mute a player from voice chat in PlanetSide 2?

Sometimes you may come across a player that you wish to no longer hear in voice chat. You can mute specific players by following these steps;

How to Mute Specific Players on PC

  1. If the player is currently speaking, hit the ENTER key on your Number Pad. 
  2. Another way to mute players is by pressing ESC, then going to the Social menu where you can find the player in the "Voice and Chat" section and mute them via the options next to their character name in that menu.
  3. Lastly, holding down Q (spot command) on a friendly will also bring up a menu that'll allow you to ignore/mute the specific player.


How to Mute Specific Players on PlayStation 4

  1. Press OPTIONS to get to the main menu, then go to the Social menu. Here you will be able to select specific players (in your squad or proximity) to mute if necessary. 


To un-mute, follow the same instructions as the mute option is a toggle.