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How do Augments work?

Augments are powerful items that are upgraded and then attached to your character directly. These new items have replaced equipment mods in DC Universe Online.

All characters will be granted their first set of Augments at level 25, and Augments are ranked up using the Fortify UI, just like Artifacts. Unlike Artifacts, Augments primarily use Exobytes of a variety of colors and qualities to rank up. Matching like-colored Exobytes with like-colored Augments will result in an experience bonus when fortifying. Exobytes are obtained through missions and through salvaging unwanted gear. The higher item level the gear, the better the Exobyte received.

There are two kinds of Augments: Origin and Adaptive. Origin Augments will permanently rank up with your character over time. Four Origin Augments can be equipped at once. Adaptive Augments are found in content starting with Teen Titans: Judas Contract for characters Combat Rating 230+, provide specific bonuses in the episode in which they are obtained, and are replaced with each new Episode. Like Artifacts, unwanted Adaptive Augments can be fortified into new Adaptive Augments, so that progress can be carried forward. 

CS is unable to reverse this process, so please exercise caution when swapping out Augments.