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How do Artifacts work?


Artifacts are powerful new items you can rank up and upgrade over time. Characters level 20 and above can obtain their first artifact by accepting a mission  from John Constantine in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom.

Artifacts are upgraded with special items:

  • Nth Metal items are reagents used to fortify Artifacts to increase their Rank.
    • Nth Metal is found in the Vault, the Stabilizer event, and as rare drops from any NPC you defeat.
  • Catalysts are special items used for breaking through certain Milestone Ranks.
    • You can find Catalysts in specific Duos, Alerts, and Raids.


My Catalysts Disappeared!

When attempting a milestone breakthrough all catalysts involved in that attempt will be consumed, whether it succeeds or not. If your breakthrough fails then you will need to gather all of the necessary catalysts again before another attempt will be possible.

If you first apply a Seal of Preservation in the Fortify window before attempting a breakthrough then the Seal will be consumed instead of your catalysts should the attempt fail. Applying a Seal of Completion before an attempt will guarantee that that attempt will succeed. Both the Seal of Preservation and the Seal of Completion can only be used one time.

Customer Support is unable to recover or replace catalysts lost to a breakthrough attempt in any scenario.


My Breakthrough Attempt Keeps Failing!

Artifact milestone breakthroughs are not guaranteed to succeed at any time. Regardless of the % chance of success shown there is always a possibility that your attempt will fail and consume your catalysts. If you are failing a difficult milestone repeatedly there is nothing wrong with your character and we can only suggest attempting the breakthrough again.