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How do I delete and regenerate general files for EverQuest?

Sometimes certain files or settings may become corrupted and cause crashing or in game errors.  Deleting and regenerating these files may help resolve those issues.


*You may want to make backups of the files below before they are deleted.  This is because deleting the files will reset your UI and settings.  If deleting the files does not resolve the issue then you can simply restore your backed up files so that you keep your settings.*


To delete these files you will need to navigate to your EverQuest directory.  The directory can be found by opening the EverQuest Launchpad, clicking on "Advanced Tools" in the bottom left of the Launchpad and selecting "Open Game Directory".

Next, Please delete the following files from that directory:

  • defaults.ini
  • eqclient.ini
  • eqgame.exe
  • EQGfx_Dx8.dll
  • EQGraphicsDX9.dll
  • eqlsClient.ini
  • eqmain.dll 


Once those are deleted you can relaunch EverQuest.  If the issue still persists please navigate back to your EverQuest directory and delete the following files for your characters.

  • <CharacterName>_<ServerName>.ini (example: jack_bristlebane.ini)
  • UI_<CharacterName>_<ServerName>.ini (example: ui_jack_bristlebane.ini)


If deleting all the files listed above does not resolve your issue, you can restore your backed up files and folders and retain your hotkeys, contact lists, and display settings.