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FAQ: What do I need to know about the H1Z1 PS4 launch?


What happens to all the skins and items I've unlocked during Open Beta on launch day?

Any in-game items that you've purchased or unlocked prior to launch will remain on your account.


What happens to my Open Beta account level on launch day?

Your account level will be replaced with your Battle Pass season level on launch day. This level will reset with each Battle Pass season, and players can earn new Battle Pass rewards every season as they play and progress through the levels.


What other updates can we expect on launch day?

With the addition of the SOCOM and the RPG to the weapon loot table, we've worked to rebalance the damage and availability of certain weapons as part of launch:

Balance Changes

The Hellfire will do less damage overall, and have an even stronger damage fall-off at distances beyond 50 meters
M40 headshots will be fatal, even through helmets
Crossbows with explosive arrows will do less splash damage

Added Weapons

SOCOM - A sniper option that sits right between the Scout Rifle and the M40, with a 4x scope on it
RPG - A rocket launcher ideal for taking out vehicles

Tier Changes

The AR-15 will be moved to ground loot
Crossbows with explosive arrows will be moved into Green airdrops
The SOCOM will be found in Purple airdrops
The M40 and RPG will be found in Gold airdrops


What options are available for the Battle Pass?

There are 3 reward lines available - Free, Premium, and PlayStation Plus. You'll get the Free one automatically just by logging in and playing during Season 1, and if you're a PlayStation Plus member, that reward line will be automatically unlocked for you upon login as well. The Premium reward line can be purchased either through the in-game Battle Pass menu or through the PlayStation Store (you'll get a bonus item for purchasing through the PlayStation Store!)


How do I level up my Battle Pass?

You can level up your Battle Pass with Medals, which you can earn in two different ways:

Daily Challenges - You can earn Medals directly from completing your Daily Challenges each day.
Season Level Advancement - You will continue to earn XP from regular gameplay, such as getting kills or winning a match. This XP will feed directly into your Season Level (the maximum Season Level is 100). Each Season Level you gain grants you Medals as a reward, with milestone levels (the ones that end in 0 or 5) granting you even more Medals.

* It takes 10 Medals to complete 1 tier of the Battle Pass (regardless of level or line). Later on in the Season, if you have the Premium line you will also be unable to unlock tiers using Crowns through a direct purchase in the Battle Pass menu.


How long is Season 1 of the Battle Pass?

Season 1 of the Battle Pass will last until Tuesday, October 16.


How do I access the PlayStation Plus line of the Battle Pass?

If you're already PlayStation Plus member, you will automatically be granted the PlayStation Plus reward line when you log into H1Z1 on launch day. If you sign up for PlayStation Plus after Season 1 starts, you will automatically be granted the PlayStation Plus reward line when you next log in, and any progress you've already unlocked in any other reward lines will carry over.


What happens if I rank up in the free Battle Pass tier, then decide to buy the Premium line? Does my progress carry over?

Yes! Your Season 1 progress is maintained, no matter which reward line you choose. For example, if you have the Free reward line, get to level 10, and then decide to upgrade to the Premium line, you will automatically receive all of the Premium line items up to level 10, and your progress will continue from there.


What happens to my Skulls at launch?

All of your existing Skulls will be converted to Credits on launch day. The conversion rate is 50 Skulls to 1 Credit. Your purchasing power with the new Credits will be the same as your previous Skull buying power (i.e. item prices will be scaled down to match). The reason for the conversion is to make the currency numbers cleaner and simpler. In addition, Daily Challenges that used to grant Skulls will now grant Medals that progress your Battle Pass, and duplicate skins will be converted into Credits rather than Skulls. You can use your Credits in the new Featured Items section of the Marketplace, which accepts either Credits or Crowns for certain items.


What happens to the Skull Exchange at launch?

The Skull Exchange and all of its existing items will be going into the vault on Tuesday, August 7th. If there's anything you currently have your eye on in the Skull Exchange, be sure to grab it before then! The Skull Exchange is being replaced by Featured Items section of the Marketplace at launch, in which you can purchase certain items with either Credits or Crowns.


How do I earn the new currency, Credits, and what can I spend them on?

You can earn Credits by reaching certain tiers in your Battle Pass, including from the Free reward line. Any duplicate skins you receive through Crates will also be turned into Credits. You can use your earned Credits in the new Featured Items section of the Marketplace to unlock skins that rotate on a daily and biweekly basis.


How can I earn Victory Crates after launch?

You will still earn Victory Crates for winning matches, and any duplicate items you receive will be automatically turned into Credits.


What happens to my Daily Challenge progress at launch?

On launch day, all Daily Challenges on all accounts will be reset, meaning you will see your Tutorial Challenges available for completion again (even if you completed them previously). Your Tutorial Challenges now grant Medals - they're a great way to get started on progressing your Battle Pass tier! Daily Challenges after your Tutorial Challenges will grant Medals as well.


What items will be available from the PlayStation Store at launch?

On August 7, the new Battle Pass Premium line and two new launch bundles (a Starter and Deluxe Launch Bundle) will be available from the PlayStation Store. The Battle Pass Premium line available directly from the PlayStation Store has an added bonus item (vs. purchasing directly in-game). The Deluxe Launch Bundle includes the Premium line of the Battle Pass with purchase. The Founder's Bundles available during Open Beta will remain available until September 4, with a discount available for PlayStation Plus members between August 7 and September 4.