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Lag vs Latency vs Low FPS issues

You don’t know what happened but, the game no longer plays the same way it did yesterday. This guide will help you diagnose the symptoms you are experiencing and get you back to playing normally as fast as possible.


What is Lag? – Lag primarily refers to a poor network connection. However, to many players it has become to mean poor game performance overall. Because Lag has been given this new general meaning we want to distinguish between two primary categories. High Latency or Low FPS.  


Okay… What is Latency? – Latency is the time it takes for a data packet to be sent from one system to another. In games, high latency can result in rubber banding, de-sync, massive delays in hit registration, etc. It’s important to note that it is possible to have high speeds and high latency as bandwidth is also taken into consideration.


What about FPS? – FPS or Frames Per Second refers to the amount of picture frames your system processes per second. Low FPS can result in a choppier experience or noticeable stuttering. You may even experience hitching where the game turns into a PowerPoint presentation. Many players consider at least 30fps is “playable” but, that opinion is subjective. However, 100+ FPS is usually considered a non-issue.


This is not a perfect guide but, at this point I hope you have been able to discern whether you are experiencing High Latency or Low FPS.  Below are a few helpful links that may push you towards diagnosing the issue more thoroughly on your own.


Latency Issues:


FPS Issues:



TL;DR – Lag can be High Latency or Low FPS. We highly encourage you to understand the symptoms of the issue you are experiencing as it will likely help you resolve the problem faster.