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What causes Bad_module_info errors?

This error only affects players running the Windows Fall Creators Update (build 16299.)

These fixes have worked for some players. This issue appears to be system specific, so what works for other players or in other games might not work for you.


Ensure that your Windows version is up to date

Outdated versions might not have necessary components to fix your crashing issue.


Completely Uninstall all Razer software (Synapse, Chroma SDK, etc.)

We've had several players tell us that removing this software fixed their crashing issue. Once resolved, you can try reinstalling the most current version of the software to see if the issue returns.


Contact Microsoft Support

If neither of these fixes works for you, please contact Microsoft Support for other options.

Some of the Microsoft fixes include downgrading to the previous version of Windows 10 (build 1703.)