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How do I mute a player from voice chat in Z1BR?

Sometimes you may come across a player that you wish to no longer hear in voice chat. You can mute specific players by following these steps;

How to Mute Specific Players

  1. Aim at player you wish to mute and press Control + T
  2. A confirmation will appear with the name of the player that will be muted; press Yes to mute, or press No to cancel.
    1. To unmute the specific player, press Numpad Enter if their proximity voice chat indicator is appearing at the top of the proximity voice chat list. 


How To Mute Only All Proximity Voice Chat

  1. At any time, press Alt + M to mute all proximity voice chat.
  2. To unmute, press Alt + M once again. (There might be a bit of a delay, 5-10 seconds, before proximity voice chat will return.) 


How to Instantly Toggle Mute On/Off of a speaking proximity player

  1. Press the Numpad Enter key, proximity player will be muted.
    1. If there is more than one player speaking in proximity, only the player at the top of the list of proximity voice chat users will be muted.
  2. To unmute that player using this method, press Numpad Enter once again if they appear at the top of the list of proximity voice chat players.
    1. A player will only be unmuted if they are at the top, if there is a different player at the top, the toggle function will apply to them instead.