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How do I test my connection?

If you are having trouble connecting or staying connected to a game or are seeing too much latency, you should run some quick and easy connection tests.

Start by running jitter/ping test.

Click here to see a sample

This test will give you a good idea of your ping time to multiple locations worldwide. These are not our servers, but as a general rule of thumb, your goal should be a ping of under 100 (the lower the ping, the better.) for the location of the servers you are trying to connect to. A ping of higher than 200 should be considered poor, and you may experience issues.

Next, run a speed test.

Click here to see a sample

You'll want to ensure that the speeds you see here are what you expect based on your ISP and plan.

A download speed of below 10 megabit/s should be considered poor (for broadband.)


Important note: If you need to put in a ticket for support assistance, please make sure you run both of these tests AND submit the results (screenshots are probably the best/easiest way.)