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DC Universe Online Naming Policy

The primary goal of this Naming Policy (the "Policy") is to define and govern naming options within DC Universe Online (DCUO) and to balance player satisfaction with the overall integrity of the game. Daybreak Game Company LLC (DBC) hopes that the Policy set forth below will further these goals; however we reserve the right to continue to evaluate and revise this Policy as new concerns arise.

This Policy is not all-inclusive, and situations may arise that are within the scope of this Policy, but are not directly addressed hereunder. On such occasions, the DBC Customer Service Management will use its discretion on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not further action is warranted.

This Policy applies to the following:

  • Character names 
  • League names 
  • Any other naming options that may be implemented in future expansions or updates 

Generally, names found within DC Universe Online should be consistent with the spirit of the game. Character names can include numeric characters, but cannot include special characters (!, @, #, $, etc.). One space is allowed in each name.

Names that use any types of the following words, references or information are strictly prohibited, including combinations of first and last names that use or result in the following words, references or information:

1. Proper names from DC Universe or any significant NPC in DC Universe Online (e.g. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) and homonyms (sound-alikes).

2. Personal or real life information or location of anyone.

3. Vile, profane, rude, offensive, sexist, racist or homophobic names or slurs, including common profanity, anatomical references, references to any sexual anatomy, sexual acts, lewd topics, disease, terrorism, murder, suicide, homicide, death, threats or similar topics, and homonyms (sound-alikes) of such words.

4. Drug and alcohol references, including references to controlled substances, prescription medications and over the counter remedies. Examples of such prohibited names include, but are not limited to, Cannabis, Fourtwenty, Methaddict, Hempsmoker, and Viagratank.

5. Specific religious or significant historic origin, and references to infamous/controversial historical groups. Examples of such prohibited names include, but are not limited to, Jesus, Allah, Satan, Stalin, Sons of Satan, Crusaders of Christ, Buddha's Barbarians, Champions of Allah, Jonestown Koolaid, Thirdreich, Al'Qaida, and Klanmember. Note: Generic religious or occult references to concepts/ideals such as Heaven, Hell, Angel, Devil, Voodoo, etc. are allowed, including names such as Devils Brigade, Angels of Destruction, Hell or High Water, or Voodoo Agents.

6. Trademarked or copyrighted names of fictional characters, products, services, slogans, or concepts (e.g., Milk Itdoesabodygood), and names of famous individuals. Note: In the event that the holder of any trademarked or copyrighted material contacts DBC and requests that reference(s) to his or her intellectual property be removed, any names containing trademarked or copyrighted material will be changed by DBC.

7. Names created with the intent to or possessing the effect of harassing, disparaging, disrupting, harming the reputation of, or impersonating another (including a Customer Service representative or other employee of DBC) or a League. DBC may take immediate disciplinary action against an account that violates this section, including without limitation, character deletion with no reimbursement for Game Pass fees or other game fees paid by the offending account holder.

Please note:

1. Each rule above applies to names created in any language.

2. Misspellings, alternate spellings of names, combinations of names, and names that contain innuendo or sound phonetically inappropriate when read out loud, which would otherwise violate the Policy, are also unacceptable.

3. Names containing phrases are acceptable, provided that such names do not violate any other section of this Policy. Names such as "Supertwirl" or "Poisonoak" are examples of acceptable names.

Customer Service Management reserves the right, at its discretion, to determine whether any name is inappropriate for use in-game, and to effect its immediate change, regardless of when the name was created. Decisions by Customer Service Management as to whether or not a name violates this Policy are final.

Disciplinary action may be required, depending on the severity of the violation, and may include, but is not limited to:

  • Account warnings 
  • Account suspension 
  • Account cancellation 
  • Removal of naming privileges 
  • Character deletion

Should naming privileges be denied to a character or account due to Policy violations, the relevant character/account will additionally lose the ability to chose any other names allowed in-game, including League names and any other naming options that may be implemented in future expansions or updates. Removal of naming privileges may be of a limited duration or permanent, depending on the severity and/or frequency of the Policy violations.

League Name Violations:

  • The League will be renamed, disbanded or deleted. 
  • Any information that has been posted on any Daybreak Games website associated with the League name will be deleted. 
  • Leagues that have been disbanded or deleted due to a violation of this Policy will forfeit any reimbursement privileges.
  • Any additional disciplinary action that may be required (as stated above) may be applied to any member of the League, depending on the severity of the violation.