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What are the in-game character stats?

Core character stats in DC Universe Online

Character stats will grow with the player as their character levels up, and can also be augmented by equipping clothing/armor and weapons. Some abilities also can temporarily augment stats, as can consumable 'buffs', like Soder Colas.

  • Health - measures the ability to withstand knockout. Health automatically begins to recover when you are out of combat. 
  • Power - required to use powers in your Loadout, and is drained as they are performed. Power builds during weapon attacks as shown by the hit counter: power also regenerates slowly out of combat. 
  • Defense - reduces damage from non-player enemies: the higher your level, the more defense is required. 
  • Might - increases damage from powers. 
  • Restoration - increases healing.
  • Vitalization - increases power healing effects.
  • Precision - adds damage to all weapon attacks.
  • Toughness - reduces damage from player enemies. The higher your level, the more Toughness is required.
  • Dominance - increases the number of health points lost by a target before a Control effect ends. At high levels, Dominance must be higher than enemy Willpower to be effective.
  • Combat Rating - measures your combat effectiveness, based on the best equipment in your possession.

One other measurement that players will see on weapons is DPS, or Damage per Second. DPS isn't an actual character stat, but a computation of several stats from the character's base stats and equipment. DPS is an approximation of how much damage you will do over time; the value is a good estimate, but isn't a guarantee of performance: how your opponent(s) perform and how your character might be affected during the fight might lessen the amount of actual damage done.