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How do I send items by Mail attachments in game?


Players can use the Mail system to send certain items to other players. This is a handy way to leave some dough and extra Soder Cola for a league or legion-mate who might not be on during the same times you will be.

There are restrictions on what can be mailed, based on an account's access level. The restrictions are:

  • Legendary and Premium accounts can send and receive items 
  • Free accounts can not send or receive attachments from other players (reward items in email are delivered normally) 

To send an item attachment:

  • Go to a mail terminal (located in the safehouses and HQ's) and open up the mail system 
  • Click 'Compose'. 
  • Fill out the TO:, SUBJECT: and message body fields. 
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on 'Attach' to bring up an inventory window showing items you can send. Click on the one you want to send, and click 'Attach' at the bottom of the Inventory screen to add it as an attachment. You can attach up to 5 items in this manner. 
  • Click 'Send' to complete the process. 

Mail sent in this manner can take anywhere between 10-30 minutes to reach the recipient's mailbox.

If you need to remove items from the attachment fields, click the CLEAR button. (only appears when items are attached)


IMPORTANT: Free players can not receive attachments of any type. Players should take care to check with the player they are mailing items or cash to, as they may not be able to recover the item.

Customer Service can not assist with items stuck in limbo due to Free restrictions: the team can not detach items or cash from mail. Once mail is sent, the receiver is responsible for picking up the items, which may require an upgrade to their account's access level.