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What is the DCUO Reimbursement Policy?

DC Universe Online Reimbursement Policy


This policy is not all-inclusive and there are situations outside the scope of the policy that may be determined at the specific time to not warrant an item reimbursement. Reimbursements of any kind, regardless of the circumstance, are not guaranteed.

Buy-Back System:

DC Universe Online provides an item buy-back system, available via any in-game merchant. Simply click on the ‘E’ hovering over a merchant to interact with the merchant and choose the ‘Buy Back’ button. You now have access to re-purchase the items on the merchant's list for your character and you may buy-back the item you accidentally sold recently. Please be cautious while selling or purchasing items from vendors as our DC Universe Online In-Game team will not be able to exchange the item for a preferred piece of gear.

1. Trades

Trades are any items that are placed into the trade window and purposely given to another player, by mutual agreement between the two involved players, regardless of the intent behind the trade. Our trade system is designed to be secure. Each party member has the ability to examine and approve the proposed trade prior to accepting. Once the trade is confirmed by both parties it will be complete and considered final.

BUYER BEWARE!! If you accept a trade that has less cash/items than you originally wanted, it is your fault. Do NOT spam accept trade requests, you will get ripped off. It is up to you to be sure each trade has the items you want in them, do NOT trade for anything less.

If you are having an item crafted, have a friend/guild mate craft the item for you or purchase the final product off the auction house. In life, you would not give a stranger the keys to your new car in order to go pick something up from the store for you. Do not give a stranger items in-game and expect to get a crafted item back later. YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!

If you are trade scammed, CS will not give you the items back. We will hammer the scammer with the mighty stick of account destruction, but your items will be gone. Be careful.

Trading Tips:

  • Examine items to make sure they are what they should be. Many icons look similar; don't fall victim to a bait and switch. 
  • Check both the item and coin that you are proposing and hoping to receive before confirming. 
  • Never trade an item or coin to someone on a promise that they will return it on another character.

Trades of in-game currency or Cash for real world items (PSN Cards) or resets are considered at-your-own-risk, and the result of this type of trade is the responsibility of the player participating. This type of Trade cannot be completed within the in-game trade system, and cannot be verified by our GM's.

2. In-Game Cash

Cash is the currency that players use with merchants and other players in the DC Universe Online game.

In-Game Cash used in transactions, including marks, will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.
In-Game Cash that is removed from a character by intended game mechanics will not be reimbursed. This includes actions such as Cash removed for purchasing items from NPC merchants, League creation, item repair, etc.
Gear mistakenly purchased with In-Game cash, including marks, will not be reimbursed or traded for a more preferred piece of gear.

3. Deleted Items

Items that are deleted, intentionally or accidentally will not be reimbursed, please use caution before destroying an item.
Salvaged items will not be restored for characters under any circumstances.

4. Renown

Renown will not be reimbursed for any reason by the DCUO In-game team.

5. Missions and Feats

Feats, mission, tasks, raids, and other quest objectives will be investigated by the DCUO In-game team in cases where a bug has occurred, preventing players from successfully completing the objective. Please be aware the team will not assist with completing quests or feats, but will gather information in order to assist development in resolving the issues for players.
For more information on feat issues, please click here.

For more information on reporting mission bugs, please click here.

6. Missing/Deleted Characters

Players may restore deleted characters via the "Restore" section of the character select page for a Daybreak/Marketplace Cash fee. 

7. Roll-backs

Roll-backs occur when players are disconnected from the server at a point between saves. Upon logging back in, players are then reset to their most recent save point, which could result in the loss of any cash, item, ability, or experience gained after that saved point and prior to the disconnection. A rollback only occurs at times when the Daybreak Games servers crash. Disconnecting from the game will not cause a rollback.

Any Cash, item, ability or experience that is lost due to a roll-back will not be restored by the DC Universe Online In-game Team.
Pending an investigation, replay badges may be granted to players who have reset alerts, raids, tasks, etc. and didn't receive credit/loot for a boss, even though they are locked out from it.

8. Mail

Items can be mailed to your character or other characters in DC Universe Online. The mail may take some time to be received once the package is sent. In order to avoid sending mail to the wrong character, we advise double checking the spelling and spacing of the character name before sending any valuable items or cash.

If items or cash were sent to a player/account which is currently active (has logged in recently), you will need to contact that player in order to receive the items back. If the items were mailed to an inactive account, the mail should be returned to you in 30 days. The DCUO In-game Team will not be able to assist with any missing items mailed from characters.

9. Replay Badges

Replay badges allow players to instantly reset the cool-downs for locked out content, such as Challenges, Alerts, Raids, and PvP. The cost of replay badges varies depending on the content; solo content will require the least amount while raid content will cost the most. In order to unlock an instance, make sure the correct instance is highlighted, click on the instance, and then choose the option to reset the instance with replay badges. Please take care when deciding to unlock an encounter and make sure that the proper instance is selected before using your replay badges.

The DC Universe Online support team is not providing refunds for replay badges accidentally used to reset instances.
Characters that have disconnected from an instance after spending replay badges will also not be eligible for Replay Badge refunds as they will still have access to the unlocked bosses.