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General Troubleshooting - PS3 Cache Files

If you find that your installation of DC Universe Online isn't behaving correctly, one of the easier things you can do during the troubleshooting process is to delete the Profile Settings and Chat Settings files from your PlayStation 3. These files save basic configuration data and settings for your installation and some of the selections you've made in game: removing these files will not adversely affect your character, items or quest/journal progression.

From the XMB: (with DC Universe Online off)

Go to Game
Select Saved Data Utility (PS3)
Select the DC Universe Online folder *
For each DC Universe Online file, press the triangle, and select Delete. **
Once complete, restart DC Universe Online, and check to see if the problems you were previously encountering have cleared up.


* - Depending on your XMB configuration, files saved under Saved Data Utility (PS3) may not be contained in sub-folders, and may be listed individually.

** - There are three DC Universe Online files that get saved here: Character Cache (Offline character data), Chat Settings (chat configuration data), and Profile Settings (Audio, video and game settings) All three of these can safely be deleted.