How can we help?

Why haven't I received my Marketplace purchase?

Consumable or Learnable items:

First thing to check: did you buy a 'consumable' (vault tickets, repair bots, etc), or one of the 'learnable' items? (styles, exobytes) These are delivered in two different ways:

  • Consumable items like tickets and bots are auto-delivered to your inventory once the purchase is complete 
  • Learnable items are not auto-delivered, and need to be claimed from the Redeem/Claim area of the Marketplace

Stackable items:

If you bought stackable items like vault tickets or repair bots, check to see if your purchase was added to an existing stack in your inventory. The system 'will' try to stack these items, so you may not always see a 'new item' in your inventory.

I used a vault ticket, and my PC/console froze:

Customer Service has seen some reports of this, and treats each case individually. Generally speaking, we can see when a ticket was consumed, and then see the character's behavior immediately afterwards - if we have enough in the logs to support your claim, we'll replace your ticket.

I don't like the style item I bought:

For style items, please take advantage of the 'Preview' functionality in the Marketplace to see how the items look before finalizing your purchase.

If you have concerns about the item you have purchased, please contact us. While we are not processing refunds or exchanges at this time, we are considering the potential for them at some point in the future. (for certain situations) We also want to leave the process open so that players can communicate potential issues or conflicts to us - if something significant arises, we'll try to work with you and the team to get things squared away.

I'm having trouble funding my wallet with Daybreak Cash:

Our Account/Billing group can assist with any Daybreak Cash issues. Please open a petition with our Billing Department to start the help request process - when contacting us, please include as much detail as possible about what you experienced.

I'm having trouble funding my PlayStation Network Wallet:

All PSN wallet-related inquiries should be directed to PlayStation Support - our team can not view or otherwise modify any aspect of your Sony Entertainment Network account or billing.