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Megaservers Character and League Name Changes

Character Name Changes

With the consolidation of multiple servers into one Megaserver, there will be instances where your character name may have been changed due to other players having the same name. We have implemented the fairest system possible to determine which players would be able to retain their name without change. Those players whose names have been changed will be sent an in-game email which includes a free Name Change token and instructions as to how to change your name if you do not wish to keep the name assigned to you by the system.

To use the Character Name Change Device, PC users will right click on the icon in your inventory, while PS3/PS4 users will click X. The system will open up a Name Change UI window, where you can enter the name you'd like to change to. If the name is valid and available, the change will be made right away, and the item will be consumed. If the name is taken or can not be validated (usually due to the name or part of the name being in the filter), the system will not consume the token, and will echo an error message to your chat box. (ex: New name failed validation) Once the name change request has been successfully processed, your name should change immediately. (both visibly and in the system) You should not lose access to any of your mail, and should not experience any interruption to any of your chat capabilities.

If you run into continued problems with validating your new name, please skip to the bottom of this article for notes on contacting a Game Master for help.


League Name Changes

There may also be situations where your League name is changed as well due to other Leagues on the combined servers having the same name. Again, we have tried to be as fair as possible as to how we assigned new names. Those who are the leader of Leagues needing name changes will also receive an in-game email with instructions on how to make the League Name change and the Free Name Change Token with which to do will be attached to the email. 

The League Name Change Device works in the same way the Character version does: right click for PC users, X button for PS3/PS4 users. A 'League Name Change' window will pop up with a text box to enter the desired name into.

Once the name change request has been successfully processed, your league name should change immediately: you should also see no interruption to your league chat or privileges.


Contacting Customer Service

If you experience any problems with either your character name or your league name (and you are the leader of the league), please contact our Customer Service group for assistance. When submitting a help request, please be sure to specify which Megaserver you are on, and which character or character/league is affected. Also, please include some details on what you experienced. (what names you tried, what errors you received, etc).