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What is Escrow and why is my Cash there?

Currency restrictions:

With Free to Play, there are some limitations on how much currency (cash) an account can have available to it at a given time. The limits are based on access levels:

  • Legendary: Unlimited 
  • Premium: 2000 max 
  • Free: 1500 max

If you receive cash beyond the amount your account's access level allows for, that money is placed into 'Escrow'. Escrow is a holding account that can be accessed by purchasing Escrow Withdrawal Tokens from the Marketplace. If a player upgraded their account to Legendary, the Escrow account funds would be immediately available without the need for an Escrow Withdrawal Token. Escrow Withdrawal Tokens allow players with a lot of Cash in their Escrow balance to access that Cash.  It does not grant free Cash to an account, only lets restricted players access what they have in Escrow.