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What are the free-to-play Inventory limits?

Overflow Inventory:

With Free to Play, there may be cases where some players have more items in their inventory than their current access level allows for. Items above your access level limit aren't 'lost', but are held in an overflow area, located below your normal inventory area. Items in the overflow can be examined, but can not be deleted or otherwise manipulated until they are moved to your regular inventory.

To access those items, you have several options to choose from:

  • Upgrade to a higher access level, and increase your base number of inventory slots so that you can access the items 
  • Add to your account's inventory slots by purchasing 7-slot upgrades in the Marketplace 
  • Free up inventory space by selling, consuming or deleting items from your inventory: as a slot opens up, the first item in overflow will be made available in your regular inventory area.

At this time, Customer Service can not assist with getting an individual item from your overflow into your regular inventory: you'll need to use one of the options outlined above.