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Can I change my character name?

Character Name Change Device:

The Character Name Change Device is a no-trade item that will allow a player to perform a single name-change on their character. When purchased, the Name Change Device will be delivered directly to a player's inventory. When used, a UI will come up, prompting the user for a new name: if the name is available, the change will be made immediately. If the name is not available, the token will not be consumed, and the player can attempt to change their name again. We can not guarantee that a particular name or combination of names will be available, even if that name was on a character that was recently deleted, or is not available when trying to add it to a character's friends list. Customer Service will not be able to use or create names that aren't available through the rename token process.

The Character Name Change Device can be found under the Upgrades menu/item listing in the Marketplace.

Customer Service will not be able to provide complimentary name changes.  Players in violation of the DCUO Naming Policy should be reported to Customer Support immediately.