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What are replay badges?

What are Replay Badges?

Replay Badges allow all players to reset an instance’s loot lockouts in-game. Different instances require different quantities of badges to reset.

How can players get Replay Badges?

Legendary Members are granted 150 Replay Badges per month. In order to receive the replay badges, Legendary members must log in a least once each month. Please be aware that Legendary members may not necessarily receive their Replay Badge grant at the same time as their Daybreak Cash/Loyalty Point grant. All players can purchase more Replay Badges in the Marketplace.

How much do Replay Badges Cost?

Replay Badges come in several packages:

$0.99 or 100 Daybreak Cash for 25 Replay Badges
$4.99 or 500 Daybreak Cash for 150 Replay Badges
$9.99 or 1000 Daybreak Cash for 350 Replay Badges

How many Replay Badges does it take to reset an instance?

The amount of badges needed varies depending on the type of instance. For example, Raids cost more to unlock than Alerts, and Alerts cost more to unlock than Duos.