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How do I create a League?

League Creation

League creation is a simple process that can be started with as few as two players. The league leader/creator will need to be on a Legendary access-level account in order to continue, and can not be part of an existing league before continuing.

For the prospective leader...

  1. Form a group with at least one other player who is not currently in a league.
  2. Open up the PDA (Esc - PC / Start - PS4, Menu - Xbox), and select the League Management menu.
  3. Enter in your proposed league name in the field provided, and click 'SUBMIT'

At this point, the system will run a quick check of the league name submitted against the filters: if the name is valid, the UI will show the message 'Waiting for Approval' - at this point, invites will be sent out to the other members of the group. They will be shown an Invite UI: as long as at least one of them accepts, the league will be created with the desired name.

Once the creation process is complete, the leader and members will see the updated League Management UI. For more information on the different aspects of league management and capabilities, check out the League Article Index.

Our DC Universe Online support team does not offer free League name changes, however, changes will be made to inappropriate League names and the offense may result in disciplinary action. Leagues that have their names changed by the support team will be given a random name, and if players want to edit that name they will either need to remake their League, or purchase a League Name Change Device on the Marketplace.