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How do I recover Exobytes?

Exobyte Recovery

Exobyte recovery allows players to take crafted mods and turn them back into exobytes. Exobytes are the larger, fully formed product of eight exobits that are gathered from the world. The Exobyte Recovery process may be performed on a mod or a mod equipped in a piece of gear; this recovery process does not harm the gear.

To deconstruct a mod, the player must have either a crafted mod or an item with a rafted mod slotted in their inventory. They must also have a Recovery Kit in their inventory.

Recovery kits have varying levels of quality; low quality kits may be purchased from vendors, but better versions may be obtained through loot drops or crafting in R&D. Dropped or crafted kits may be traded or sold on the broker.

The number of exobytes received from the Exobyte Recovery process is determined by the quality of the recovery kit. Each kit will indicate the minimum and maximum number of exobytes generated when used in the recovery process.

Similar to the Salvaging menu, a screen will provide a list of all items in the player's inventory that may be used in the recovery process. Once the items have been selected, simply use the "Recover" button at the bottom of the menu to begin the process and retrieve your exobytes.