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How do Outfits work in PlanetSide 2?

Joining an Outfit

Outfit leaders control outfit membership, which means you'll have to get one to like you enough to invite you to join. Check the Outfit Recruitment forums to find one worthy of impressing.

Creating an Outfit

  • Select the Outfit tab and enter a name (make sure it complies with the Naming Policy).
  • Hit Create Outfit and confirm to go to the Outfit screen.
  • As an outfit founder, you have the power to invite new members and promote or demote existing members. You will have the rank and permissions of the outfit Leader until you leave the outfit or demote yourself. At that point it is solely up to the new leader whether or not to let you back in.

Running an Outfit
Use the features on the Outfit screen to manage the outfit at maximum efficiency:

  • Outfit Tag: Enter an abbreviation of the outfit's name to be displayed before every member's character name.
  • Message of the Day: Post messages to be sent to all members of the outfit.
  • Members: Manage ranks and permissions for every member of the outfit, invite new members and remove existing ones.
  • Leaders: Outfit leaders have all of the permissions of a founder, with the exception of demoting other leaders and changing basic outfit information.
  • Leaders may promote other leaders, invite new members, and manage member ranks and permissions.
  • If a leader leaves an outfit, he loses all permissions and standing within the outfit. If he rejoins it, it will be at the most basic member level (though the founder or another leader can still promote him to leader again).
  • If by some cruel twist of fate an outfit leader goes rogue, it is up to the outfit members and/or other leaders to reach out to the founder to deal with the problem.
  • Founders: The ultimate power in an outfit rests with the founder. Founders are the only members who can demote leaders - which means if a founder becomes inactive, the current leadership cannot be demoted.
  • If the founder is completely inactive and the rogue leader refuses to cooperate, you will need to leave the outfit and create a new outfit with the leadership that you wish to have. In-game Customer Support is unable to assist with leadership issues. Even if a founder has completely left the outfit, the game, the solar system, what have you, his name will still appear on the outfit pages. This cannot be changed.