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What sort of classes are there and what makes them special?

All classes except the Max come equipped with a pistol and knife in addition to their specialized gear. Just needed to point that out. Carry on.

Infiltrators, like children, should be neither seen nor heard. All Infiltrators are rigorously trained in the arts of stealth and sabotage. Seriously, they’re really good. We sent a few of them out for coffee six months ago and haven't heard from them since.

Default equipment/skills:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • IFF Gun (Enemy tagger)
  • Personal Cloak
  • Hacking Ability (Can convert enemy terminals and turrets to friendly control)


Light Assault
We took a bunch of soldiers up in a Galaxy, pushed them out and made them rely on their wits to survive. That didn't work, so we had to issue jetpacks to the next batch.

Default equipment/skills:

  • Carbine
  • Jump Jets
  • Flash/Smoke Grenades (Available through certs)


Combat Medic
Medics have been relieved of the old stitches and scalpels and glue or whatever they used to use and been given the very latest in human regeneration technology instead. Honestly, we have no idea how it works but there haven’t been many complaints so far.

Default equipment/skills:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Medical Applicator (Healing gun: heals and revives fallen allies. Does not revive Max units)
  • Nano-Regen Device (Aura healer)

Engineers are highly trained gearheads who keep the battle running smoothly. Think of them as personal battlefield butlers.

Default equipment:

  • Carbine
  • Nano Armor Kit (Repair gun: fixes vehicles, heals and revives Max units)
  • ACE Tool (Dispenses ammo boxes, deploys into a Daybreakary turret, generates an AOE damage blocking shield)


Heavy Assault
Every meat churner needs some meat to churn, and Heavy Assaults are happy to provide it. Their training consists of running naked through a hallway while other soldiers swat them with rubber paddles, so they can definitely take a beating.

Default equipment/skills:

  • Light Machine Gun
  • Anti-vehicle Rocket Launcher
  • Nanite Mesh Generator (Enhanced shield)


(Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit for those who care)
Feel like a monster and look like a tank! No, scratch that. Reverse it. Either way. A Max unit is basically a human supernova. Legend has it that the first Max was the offspring of a grizzly bear and a nuclear missile. That’s probably not true but when you see one you just might believe it.

Default equipment/skills:

  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Anti-aircraft Flak Cannon
  • Anti-vehicle Burster Cannon
  • Charge (Sprint burst)

A few notes on the Max:

  • Max suits are not available on deployment. After deploying go to an equipment terminal to swap to a Max.
  • Medics are not trained to work on the Max suit. They have limited technical expertise and would probably only end up making things worse. Engineers are the only class qualified to heal Maxes.
  • Soldiers in Max suits cannot capture control points.
  • Max weapons are equipped to either the right or left arm, not both.
  • Each basic weapon has a default arm designation, but each weapon has a version for the non-default arm as well.
  • Alternate weapons must be purchased in the Depot. For example, the TR Max's primary weapon is the M1 Cycler, a heavy machine gun that is attached to the left arm by default.
  • If you want to dual wield Cyclers, or attach one to the right arm and a different weapon to the left, you will have to unlock the M1 Cycler [Right] from the Depot.