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What's the PlanetSide 2 Naming Policy?

IMPORTANT: Customer Support cannot change a character name. This is non-negotiable. Be extremely certain that the name you pick is the name you want before creating a character.

Listen up, maggots. Senior Drill Sergeant Hicks here! Members of my beloved Outfit can choose their own names when they create their avatar. These names will not go through an approval process. You can also create Outfits (guilds) and Squads (groups) for which you can also choose a custom name, available instantly.

Be warned, though! I know who you are, and if you choose some slimy inappropriate name, DBG Outfit Officials will change it! In addition - and you need to read this carefully - we will NOT, that's N.O.T. - give you the opportunity to change that name. So, unless you want to be stuck as Bunny Foofoo, make the right choice the first time ant brain.

We may also take action on your account including but not limited to a permanent warning, suspension from game play for a period of time, or a definitive ban from the game.

Names are on a first come first served basis. Period. If you had the name Ilovemymum in every game you've ever played then you're going to want to get here early in front of all the other people who love their mums too. If someone else has the name you wanted, customer service will not be helping you get the name "back".

Here are some Naming Policy Rules for this reason. You’ll learn them by the numbers, and apply them. Show me that military intelligence among you low-life maggots actually exists!

Naming guidelines apply to all of the following:

  1. Character names
  2. Outfit names
  3. Squad names
  4. Names created in any language
  5. Names that may not have been submitted with inappropriate intent
  6. Names in PlanetSide® 2 should reflect the genre of the game; original names are highly desired.

When choosing a name, imagine saying it in front of me. I will beat you if it doesn’t make me smile or it doesn’t gain you a sliver of my respect. I love a joke the same as anyone – ha ha! – but some names are downright vulgar, crude, profane, or derogatory. You’re meant to be adults, act like one!
Remember the ultimate goal. This is war! PlanetSide® 2 is an intense, fast paced, dynamic MMO FPS. You maggots will dominate with your skill, strategy, and firepower alone! No need to choose a name that harasses or demeans others. Besides, you won’t have time to read names, you’ll be pounding dirt and obliterating the enemy, won’t you? So make those names ones to be proud of!
If we don’t like it, we will change it! DBG Outfit personnel will see it, and will change it. And we won't give you the opportunity to pick something else; we'll just change it and you'll be stuck as Fluffy Bunny forever - your fault, not ours. Create a new character if you don't like the name we gave you, but don't you scumbags insult me and MY beloved Outfit by choosing another inappropriate name! Keep doing it and we'll take action on your account, not just your character.
In case the options above weren’t clear enough, here’s a more complete list of what’s not allowed in PlanetSide® 2:

The following types of names are not allowed in PlanetSide® 2; names and use of these types of names may result in them being changed by an DBG Employee with or without warning:

  • Vile, profane, rude, homophobic, sexist, or racist names including profanity, sexual preference, sexual innuendo, anatomical references, racial slurs, and homonyms of these words. Common sense people, common sense.
  • Combinations of words that produce an offensive result that crosses a line. You know the line.
  • Names chosen with the intent or possessed with the effect of harming the reputation of others, to harass others, or used to impersonate a Customer or representative of Daybreak Game Company.
  • Names containing significant religious, political, historic origin figures or words (e.g. Jesus, Allah, Satan, Stalin, God, Nazi). We’re not too worried about names such as Blueangel, or Daredevil, Godlike or other such uncreative names, but you can’t run around with a religious figure as your or in your name or words being used in a religious sense (e.g., HolyGod - get the difference?).
  • We also don’t need to see Obama, Bush, Churchill and other politicians from around the world in our game, we see them enough outside. Yawn – keep your politics and religion outta this war.
  • Names where the combination of any names violates a previous rule (AwesomeJax Sucks). What a stupid name.
  • No accented or alternative letters will be allowed in character or outfit names.
  • In-game titles or achievements names will not be allowed in a name (e.g. Commander Jack, BR8-Monster).
  • No websites. Don’t try to make as your name.
  • No hardcore drug references. Potheads aren’t in our units; they don’t shoot straight, or enough.
  • For all of the above, misspellings and alternative spellings of the word or words are also unacceptable.