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How do unlocks and purchases work on the Account Level?

General Information

  • Items must be (or have been) purchased with Daybreak Cash™ to be unlocked for the account. Items unlocked with certs will only be usable by the character that unlocked them.
  • Common pool items are available to all characters on your account. Empire-specific weapons are only available to characters on the appropriate faction.
  • Consumable items may only be used on the character that purchased them. This applies to boosts.

FAQ - What Is and Isn't Included?

Claimed items
Only items purchased from the in-game marketplace with Daybreak Cash are eligible, so items that have been claimed from purchase codes will remain unlocked only for the character that used the code. This includes claimed items from nVidia bundles, Gamestop SC cards, etc.

Faction-specific items
Certain items have the same name across factions, but can only be used for the faction that purchased them. For instance, the M12 Kobalt is available to all factions, but a Kobalt purchased for a Magrider is not the same as a Kobalt purchased for a Prowler, and therefore is not usable by all factions. All faction-specific items are marked in the Depot by an Empire symbol.

Vehicle customization items
Vehicle customizations like decals and rims follow the same rules as other non-consumable faction-specific and common pool items. Faction-specific items, like hubcaps and lumifiber trims, will only be unlocked for characters of the appropriate Empire. Common pool items, like most decals and tire spikes, will be unlocked for all characters.

Items unlocked for multiple characters
Refunds are not currently available for cases of the same item having been previously purchased for multiple characters.