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What are the key bindings and commands?

To view or change keybindings hit Esc, then go to Settings ? Keybinding. Click a keybinding and press a key, mouse, controller or joystick button to assign it.

Auto-join / Create squad Insert
Expand minimap H
Zoom out/in minimap [ / ]
Instant Action Home
Map M
Menu Esc
Open squad/platoon screen P
Open / Close chat Enter
Personal stats, boosts, and bonuses / Leaderboard Tab
Redeploy Delete
Reply to message K
Screen capture Printscreen
Start image capture Ctrl+F12
Toggle performance (FPS) Alt+F
Toggle player indicators Ctrl+I
Toggle video capture Page Up
Unbind mouse Alt
Voice macro V


Voice Chat
Decrease voice chat volume -
Increase voice chat volume +
Mute current speaker Numpad Enter
Echo test Numpad 8
Leader channel chat Numpad 7
Outfit chat Numpad 9
Platoon chat Numpad 1
Squad chat Z
Toggle proximity chat Numpad 4
User channel chat Numpad 6


Forward W
Backward S
Strafe left A
Strafe right D
Jump / Jump jets Spacebar
Crouch / Crouch toggle Ctrl / C
Sprint Shift
Interact E
Special ability F
Grenade G
Reload R
Switch weapon Scroll mousewheel
Melee attack Click mousewheel
Switch fire mode B
Spot player Q
Toggle attachment L


Vehicle / Aircraft
Navigation Controls
Enter / exit E
Throttle up W
Throttle down S
Turn left A
Turn right D
Aim / Pitch / Roll Mouse
Launch / Vertical thrust (aircraft)
Handbrake (land vehicles) Spacebar
Land Ctrl / C
Afterburners Shift

Function Controls
Change camera T
Change seats F1 - F12
Cruise control =
Deploy (Sunderers and Galaxies)
Siege mode (Prowlers) B
Fire weapon Mouse left click
Freelook (cockpit) Hold mousewheel
Horn J
Reload R
Secondary ability / Countermeasures
(must be purchased and equipped) X / F
Spot player Q
Switch weapon Scroll mousewheel
Toggle headlights L
Vehicle management Page Down
Leave vehicle queue End


What if keys can no longer be reassigned?
If you are no longer able to change the keybinding, you will need to clear your UI files. To do so, delete the "UserOptions.ini" file from your PlanetSide 2 folder, located here: C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\PlanetSide 2.