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What is the Depot?

Visit the Depot to purchase weapons, armor and supplies that are not included in the standard issue kit. Everything in the Depot can be unlocked with certs or Daybreak Cash. Be sure to check out the Weapons sections for some killer deals.

Accessing the Depot
Hit Esc to access the in-game menu, then click the Empire-marked Depot tab (the yellow one):

Choose a category of items from the tabs on the left of the screen and browse until the perfect one shows itself. Use the Search All bar at the top to search the entire store in an instant. Use the filter tool on the left to narrow down the visible options.


Purchasing Items
Preview and compare items using the panel on the right. Click Unlock under an item to bring up its Item Purchase window:

Most Items may be purchased with cert points or Daybreak Cash (though some can only be bought with Daybreak Cash). Click Unlock under the option you prefer to purchase the item. If you have a Daybreak Cash coupon code you want to use, be sure to enter it here. Be sure to select the payment option (certs or Daybreak Cash) that you want to use.

Once purchased, the item will appear in your inventory and must be equipped at an Equipment Terminal. Note that in most cases, only one item per inventory slot can be equipped at any given time.

IMPORTANT: all items purchased or unlocked from the Depot will only be accessible to the character that purchased them. Purchases cannot be transferred between characters, even on the same account.

Premium Early Access
This area is no longer available. Upcoming items can be trialed on the public test server.

Single-Use Items
Certain aesthetic items are one-time use only. These items are available at a very discounted price compared to the permanent version of the same item. They can only be equipped once, and will disappear when you equip another item in the same slot. Read more tips on single-use items here.

Weapon Trials
If you are unsure of what a weapon does or if it's really worth your hard-earned certs, take it out for a test run first. Open the weapon's Item Purchase window and click Try Now at the bottom. The weapon will automatically appear in your inventory with a timer counting down to the end of the trial. The weapon will be automatically removed from your inventory the next time you die after the timer runs out.

After testing a gun you cannot test it again for 30 days, and cannot test any other weapon for 8 hours.