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What are Alerts?

Alerts System

Alerts are server-wide game events, initiated by the server itself in its omniscient automated wisdom. It’s actually dangerously close to becoming self-aware right now; we’d pull the plug but we’re kind of curious to see how far this will go.

When an alert triggers, players will have a set amount of time to accomplish the goals it sets. All players on the victorious Empire will receive a substantial reward, with players in the actual event area receiving an additional 20% XP bonus.

Continental Alerts: These alerts can be won by achieving a Dominating Victory or a Normal Victory.

  • Dominating Victory (Continental Alerts Only) An Empire conquers 75% of the territories on the alert continent. Once this is achieved by any Empire the event ends immediately and the alert reward goes to all players in that Empire, depending on the amount of time they participated in the alert.
  • Normal Victory (Continental Alerts Only) An Empire controls a larger percentage of territory than the other Empires when time expires, which isn’t anything to write home about but still counts if second best is okay with you. The reward is split between Empires based on the percent of objectives they control.

Facility Alerts: These alerts require that a certain number of facility types be captured within the time limit:

  • Capture Biolabs (global)
  • Capture Tech Plants (global)
  • Capture Amp Stations (global)
  • Capture Biolabs: Amerish
  • Capture Tech Plants: Amerish
  • Capture Amp Stations: Amerish
  • Capture Biolabs: Indar
  • Capture Tech Plants: Indar
  • Capture Amp Stations: Indar
  • Capture Biolabs: Esamir
  • Capture Amp Stations: Esamir


When will alerts happen?
Alerts will primarily be activated during off-peak hours, when server populations are low. This will provide more incentives to jump on servers and keep the battle flowing consistently. Each server will launch alerts based on its own population patterns.

How much time is given for Alerts?
A small notification in the HUD notifies players of the time remaining for the current alert. Players can also hit Tab to open the Status screen and view the Alert System UI, which displays the current alert, each Empire’s current progress to victory, the time remaining and total alert reward.

How are alert rewards given out?
Empire alert rewards are proportional to the amount of time the player has spent playing during the alert. Only characters that participate through the entire duration of the alert will receive the full Empire reward. This participation time is specific to individual characters (not account wide). Players must be in-game when the alert ends to receive their rewards.