How do I set up Twitch integration in H1Z1?


Linking your Twitch account to your Daybreak account is easy and gives you access that you just won’t find in another game. You can discover new streamers as a viewer, or participate with your followers directly in the game as a streamer and see where you place on the leaderboards next to other streamers playing the game. This is just the start for H1Z1 and Twitch, and we plan on extending this integration even further in the future.

How to link your Daybreak and Twitch accounts.

Step 1

Select Twitch from the Main Menu.

Step 2

Select Link Account

Step 3

Your default browser will open and request that you Log in with the Twitch account that you wish to link to your Daybreak Games account.

Step 4

After you log in, select Authorize to link your account to Daybreak Games.

Step 5

HAVE FUN! That's it, you've successfully linked your account.


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