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How do I fix a G32 Error in Z1BR?

Important: Please try all of these steps before updating your ticket. If none of these solutions work, you must provide your SteamID (Steam account's unique numeric identifier) and emails using the instructions below or player support won't be able to locate your account. Having only the Steam ID is often not enough information for support to assist you, so please make sure you follow all directions below.

What happened: When you originally purchased Z1BR, you logged into a Daybreak Games account. That process automatically linked your Steam and Daybreak Games accounts.

Right now you are just logged into the wrong Daybreak Games account.

You can locate your other accounts by following the directions here:
Recover Account

Remember to try all current email addresses you use to retrieve the account you may have linked. If you get nothing then you are still not using the correct email you entered on the account.

  1. If you have more than one Steam account, try logging into the other one(s) to see if that resolves the issue. What if I forgot my Steam account info?
  2. If none of these options helps, you'll need to update the ticket with your SteamID and all emails you have used in the past, to help us find your account. How to find your SteamID

Note that you will still need to provide the correct information to recover the account once we locate it.