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How does Krono work in EverQuest?



Krono are in-game assets which can be redeemed to receive 30 days of All Access membership time. They are sold in the marketplace for real money only, or they may be purchased from other players via the broker or private trade for in-game currency. Players may not, however, sell Krono to each other for real world money.*

Krono are only granted after the order is reviewed. It can take up to 48 hours before you receive your order fulfillment. Thank you for your patience while this process is completed.

Restrictions and Limits

  • Accounts must be 48 hours old to purchase.
  • Account limit of 9,999 Krono.
  • You may purchase 25 Krono in a 24 hour period.
  • Non Refundable.
  • Krono cannot be purchased with Station Cash
  • Krono can take up to 72 hours to appear on your account as your order is verified.
  • Once a Krono has been applied to an account, it cannot be transferred.

Costs and Usage

All Krono are initially purchased from Daybreak Game Company LLC using real world money. You are able to buy them from other players using in-game currency, mail them, sell them to other players for in-game currency, trade them to other players for other in-game items, and consume them.

If you consume a Krono, it is removed from your inventory and 30 days of All Access membership time is added to the account associated with the character that consumed it. The price for one Krono is $17.99 USD.

Purchasing and Applying Krono

Krono can be purchased through our in-game /marketplace using real money. Once purchased, it will appear in a special Krono slot in your main inventory window (i).

Since Krono are account based, you can access them from any character on your account, regardless of which server you're on. Any Krono in your character's mail will be automatically displayed in your account's total Krono - even if you haven't retrieved it from the parcel merchant, yet. In the event you receive a Krono through the in-game Parcel system, and consume it before visiting the merchant, the next time you go to the Parcel merchant the Krono will still be on the merchant's list, but will be deleted when you try to remove it, since it's already been consumed. The one you see in the mail is basically a receipt. You'll also receive a message as a reminder when you retrieve any Krono from a parcel merchant.

To fund your account for 30 days using Krono, simply click the "Consume Krono" button to the right of the Krono slot. You must have a valid Zip Code registered to your account to be able to consume a Krono. Your account's Zip Code can be updated from our website: hover over login and click “Account Management”. Once logged in, go to Payment Sources and make sure your zip code is added and correct. If it’s not, click “Edit” and you’ll be able to adjust the zip code from there.

When a Krono is consumed the number of days of All Access membership left on your account will be displayed below the "Consume Krono" button. Note that Krono may only be consumed in EverQuest or EverQuest 2 but provide All Access membership.

* Selling Krono for real world currency is a violation of our Terms of Service (commonly called TOS)