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Where is my Marketplace purchase?

There are currently two different ways that items are received after being purchased from the Marketplace:


For 'consumables' like the Vault Tickets, Proto Repair Bots, and similar items, the system will automatically drop the item(s) into your inventory upon successful completion of the purchase. No additional actions by the end-user should be necessary. If the character making the purchase already has some of those items in their inventory, the items 'can' stack - if you don't see a new icon/object in your inventory after the purchase, check for an existing stack, and verify the quantity on it.

Items that are auto-delivered are only sent/sold to the character they are purchased on; please take care when purchasing 'Supplies' and 'Upgrades' from the Marketplace.


For style purchases, respec tokens, and other account shared purchases, items are not auto-delivered, but are accessed through the Redeem/Claim area of the Marketplace. Click on/select the Redeem/Claim button from your Marketplace window, and you'll be brought to a screen that shows what items your account is entitled to. (available items will have white text, ones already claimed will be gray) Highlight the item you want to claim, and click Claim (PC) or press X (PS4) to request the item.

Each of the items available through the claim process are available to each character on the account.


Before claiming, make sure that you have enough space in your inventory to receive the item you want to get. If you experience any problems during the delivery/claim process, please contact Customer Service for assistance. For PS4 users, please include a copy of your Sony Entertainment Network Purchase Confirmation receipt (or the text copied from it).