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How do I move between the PvP and PvE Phases?


Phasing makes use of two new tools; the Phase Shifters, and the 'Phase With' option on your Friends list.

Phase Shifters:

These teleporters are what players will use to switch between the PVE and PVP phases. These are located in central locations in the Hall of Doom and Watchtower, and are marked on the map. There is no re-use timer tied to the use of the Phase Shifter teleporters.

Phase With:

This new option will allow you to jump to the same phase copy, providing you are both on the same phase type: PVE or PVP. The command won't teleport you to your friend, but will move you to your current location in their phase. If you don't see the option available when checking your friend's entry on your list, then they already are in the same phase.

There is no re-use timer tied to the Phase With command, but there may be limitations based on your recent PVP activity.


You might find that you log in one day, and your friends are on different phases. Not to worry; regardless of whether they started as a PVE or PVP player, you can get together with them. Here are the different scenarios:

If Friend A is on PVE phase 1, and Friend B is on PVE phase 2, either one can use the 'Phase With' option from the Friends list to move to their friend's phase. (it's not a teleport to, it just changes which instance you are in)

If Friend A is on PVE phase 1, and Friend B is also on PVE phase 1, the 'Phase With' option will not be present - pick a place to meet up, and get to work!

If Friend A is on PVE phase 1, and Friend B is on PVP phase 1, the 'Phase With' option will be available, but will not work. The player will receive a system message that stipulates "You can not phase to a player who is in a PVP phase while you are in a PVE phase. Use the Phase Shifter to switch to a PVP phase first.' Once the player uses the Phase Shifter, they can check their friends list entry again to see if they are on the same phase: if not, they can now use the 'Phase With' option to get together with their friend(s).