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Can I purchase Character, Inventory, Broker, Bank, and Shared Bank Slots?

As part of our Free to Play program, players have the opportunity to upgrade a number of specific areas of their account. Each of these allows for additional slots to be purchased; these slots would be permanently added to the account and would be in addition to the base number of slots your account's access level grants.

Currently, players can upgrade the following:

  • Broker Slots - Allows you to have more items for sale at a given time. Maximum of 60 purchased slots. 
  • Bank Slots - Adds storage slots to your main bank area. (does not include shared bank) Maximum of 72 purchased slots. 
  • Character Slots - Adds to the number of active characters you can have on your account. Maximum of 16 purchased slots. 
  • Inventory Slots - Adds storage slots to your inventory Maximum of 84 purchased slots.

Complimentary Character Slots:

  • Legendary: 16 
  • Premium: 6 
  • Free: 2

Purchased slots should not be lost during any change in access level.

Players may purchase slots to increase the base number of characer slots. For example, a Premium member may purchase a character slot which increases the amount of character they may have from 6 to 7. If that Premium member decides to become a Legendary member, they will retain the purchase slot and gain the increased base amount (16 +1).

The same holds true if an account's access level is reduced; if a player decides to drop their Legendary membership and go back to Premium, their character slot count would go from 17 (16+1) to 7 (6+1).


All upgrades of this type are purchased from the Upgrades area of the Marketplace. Once purchased, the slots are immediately added to your account; there are no consumable items or tickets to be delivered. If your purchase is not immediately delivered, try logging all the way out of your account (not just to character select) and waiting about ten minutes.